Jonas Rask (@jonas.rask) - I set out to see the work of great photographers on IG to draw inspiration from in the earlier stages of my photography. There were many great images and pages that I encountered, but Dr. Jonas Rask's most frequently made my jaw drop because of his unique combination of cinematic poses, moody atmosphere, and multiple exposure compositions. This man's photos could very well be movie posters!

Omar Gonzalez (@ogonzilla) - When I wanted to dive deep into how to use my Fuji X-T2, I went to YouTube. Omar's videos on YouTube had all that you could ask for: 8 mins or less, eye-catching video titles, years of experience to convey, and an uncanny sense of humor to boot. Check him out if you want to get better at using your Fujifilm camera or if you want to get better at photography in general!

Karl Shakur (@karl_shakur) - It's one thing to take pictures, but it's another thing to edit them. Karl is someone I found on YouTube as well, and his video breakdowns of how he uses Lightroom to edit helped my edits to improve significantly. On top of that, his videos are quite entertaining and he really pushes the envelope when it comes to creative and cinematic photos. He really does not miss!

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